The Running Belt Max: the world's most versatile running waist band and recreational belt. Ideal for running, cycling, treadmilling, dog walking and just about every other activity where you'll want to keep your iPhone, Samsung and other valuables secure: keys, money, credit cards, glasses, medications, snacks, energy packs, etc.


And since the main compartment is splash, sweat and water resistant, your valuables will be protected while sweating or during the heaviest of downpours.


This running, fitness and activities waist belt has a rubberized "keyhole" in the front of the main compartment for attaching your headphones to your electronic device. There are loops on each side of the outer pockets that are for securing sunglasses and other items.


Inside the main compartment is a divider for separating your phone from your money and other valuables. Also, there are two sewn-in pockets for credit cards, drivers licenses and ID's.


The Running Belt Max isn't just for runners: hikers, travelers, skateboarders, skiers & snowboarders, kayakers, boaters, themepark goers & sporting event spectators, fitness enthusists and trainers, horseback riders, rock climbers, campers, gardeners and many others find this waist pack to be very useful. 


If you're an outdoor or fitness enthusiast, the Running Belt Max running belt is the perfect fitness accessory and companion you can't live without.

About the Running Belt Max

The Running Belt Max is nearly fully waterproof
The Running Belt Max is available on Amazon