What is the Running Belt Max?


The Running Belt Max is the ultimate running and jogging belt, because you can run, jog and race with your phone, wallet, keys, tunes, and many other things such as fuel packs without having to hold these items or use an awkward armband or bulky fanny pack. You can listen to music while running and doing physical activities because there is a rubberized earphone “keyhole” in the front of the compartment for handy headphone listening.

Who else uses the Running Belt Max besides runners?


Basically anyone who is active can use and enjoy the Running Belt Max who wants to keep their most important valuables safe and shielded from water and sweat: walkers, cyclers/bikers, triathletes, boaters, kayakers, hikers, skateboarders, skiers/snowboarders, rock climbers; fitness club members enjoy wearing this workout belt while on the treadmill, Stairmaster, squat machine, etc., and while doing aerobics, Zumba, CrossFit, and more. Horseback riders, campers, and people who simply work in their yard find this belt to be very handy.


Theme park visitors and sporting event spectators enjoy our pocketed waist belt because it holds their most important belongings but isn’t bulky like a fanny pack. Travelers like it because it can conceal passports, wallets, tickets, hotel keys and many other valuables and it makes one less of a target for thieves and pickpockets. Most anyone will find this waist pack essential to keep their phone, wallet, credit cards, money, keys, and ID nearby and safe.

Will it fit large smart phones like an iPhone 6 or 7 Plus with an Otterbox Defender case, or a Samsung Galaxy / Note / Edge with a Speck case?


Absolutely, the trend is that people are buying larger and larger phones and we've made sure it will accommodate them. Basically any of the large new smart phones will fit in the main pouch of the Running Belt Max, and you’ll still have enough room to plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite music while doing your activities. It will hold a Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 4, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and even the 6.3” Samsung Mega and the Sony Xyperia Z Ultra inside their protective cases with no problems and even with a bit of room to spare.




What material is the Running Belt Max made of and is it waterproof?


The Running Belt Max is made of high-quality waterproof lycra. I don't use the term "high quality" loosely, so know that this material is absolutely superior. It feels similar to neoprene but is much softer and it's a far better material. I've run and biked in pouring rains and my Samsung Galaxy S5 and money remained dry. And it keeps sweat away from your valuables such as an iOS and Android phone, iPod, iTouch and other electronics. Kayakers and canoers use this belt because it is splash proof. Just keep in mind that if it’s submerged completely underwater, some water may leak inside through the zipper or the earphone port – but it is sweat-proof, rain-proof and splash-proof.


Does your belt bounce while running?


The Running Belt Max truly is a no-bounce belt, because it is elastic AND fully adjustable, and it doesn’t ride up while running. It can be adjusted to perfectly fit waist sizes from 27” to 48”. “Fitted belts” (belts with specific sizes) don’t always fit properly and can move around.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Running Belt Max running waist pack

Is the Running Belt Max for women or men?


Both sexes use and enjoy this belt :)


I belong to a cycling club of 55 members. Do you have discounts for bulk purchases for the Running Belt Max?


Yes, we offer volume discounts. Please contact us if ordering 10 belts of more for a special offer.

How much does it weigh?


It weighs in at just four ounces, yet it is very sturdy. Some people say they forget they're wearing their Running Belt Max.

I travel a lot and I'm looking for a better solution to wearing a fanny pack. Is the Running Belt Max good for travelers?


We’ve discovered most travelers just want to carry their phone, wallet, money, keys/room card, headphones … their passport; not the kitchen sink. This belt fits snug, it’s comfortable, and it can be concealed under a shirt for prevention against loss or theft of important valuables so yes, it's great for traveling.


What all do people carry in the Running Belt Max? Sorry for asking such a silly question, but I’m just trying to decide if I should buy one for my husband or not.


The items that can be carried in the Running Belt Max are many: any smart phone such as the iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, LG, HTX, Asus, up to 6.8" in size – an iTouch, wallet, cash, credit cards, driver’s license, keys, car remote, passport, medications, Chapstick/lipstick, energy bars and gel packs, small phone chargers or plugs, bottle opener, pocket knife, dog treats, waste bags, etc. There are even handy elastic loops on both sides of the main pouch for carrying sunglasses and other slim items.


I’ve seen a lot of running and race belts, why is the Running Belt Max so special?


The Running Belt Max is made of high-quality lycra, and it's a better material than neoprene because it's softer and offers better water and moisture protection. It has no complicated fasteners and straps, and it can virtually fit any waist size because the strap is elastic but very durable. And it doesn’t bounce or ride up like other belts while running.


Cyclers find the slim design non-obtrusive while hunched over – and many people report they forget they even have it on. Some of the belts out there have no zippered enclosures like the FlipBelt, just "stretchy material", and many people have lost their valuables while running and cycling while wearing these types of belts. Also, these belts are nowhere close to being water or sweat-proof. The compartments of our belt is zippered making it impossible for valuables to fall out. Of course it's 99.9% waterproof, too.


The Running Belt Max also has two smaller zippered compartments. One compartment has a solid metal key clasp to prevent keys from bouncing around. This is also one of the very few running waist bands that have a pair of handy stretchable loops for securing glasses. 


Finally, the Running Belt Max offers safety. The zippers are light reflective, and make the user more visable at night when a light is shone in their direction. 


I’ve recently registered for my very first Ironman triathlon in Hawaii for 2016. Will the Running Belt Max be a good tool to have for training for this important event?


Congratulations! — yes, previous triathlon participants tell me they barely notice they’re wearing the belt while training for the 112-mile bike ride and the marathon (26.2-mile run). Being able to listen to music from your phone or other electronic device can act as a tremendous motivator.






Do you offer a guarantee if your belt ever falls apart? It looks sturdy from the photos, but one can never be too sure. 


Yes! We offer a lifetime guarantee: if the Running Belt Max ever tears, rips, a zipper comes off, or if it doesn’t perform properly under normal use, we will promptly replace it or refund your money, whichever you prefer. Belt defects and malfunctions are extremely rare, but if this were to happen, we would quickly find a way to resolve the issue.


I think it's great that your belt comes with a water bottle carrier. How does it work?


Our water bottle carrier is so simple, but ingenious! It has a rubber O-ring on one end of a nylon strap, and the O-ring can be stretched over the mouth of a disposable water bottle. On the opposite end, there is a carabiner hook that can be clipped on to a belt or backpack. Although our water bottle carrier is not designed to use while running because the bottle might move around uncomfortably; we've included it as a free gift because many owners of the Running Belt Max are walkers, hikers, skateboarders, skiiers, theme park goers, etc.