6 Simple Fitness Tips to Help You Stay in Shape for 2017


Dave Chandler

There are several reasons why people decide to stay in shape. Losing weight, feeling healthier, achieving a new year’s resolution and staying fit are some of them.

If you have ever tried it, you must agree that getting in shape is never an easy task. But it doesn't have to be so hard all the time. We will be sharing 6 fitness tips that will help you get into shape. If you’re ready – let's get started.

1. Avoid setting unrealistic goals

We all get tempted to achieve so much in so little time. But doing this only sets one up for failure especially when trying to get into shape. It is important that you break your goals into smaller, achievable ones. Whatever exercise you decide to do should be simple to follow through. For instance, instead of doing sit-ups 7 times a week, going for a 20 or 30-minute walk 2 to 3 times a week will be a better choice.             


2. Do exercises you love

Exercising doesn’t have to be so strenuous or difficult. It is easier to stick to exercise routine you love.

Don’t go to the gym because all your friends are doing so. If cycling is what you love, then stick with it. If visiting the gym and doing is your thing, figure out routines you are very comfortable with. Don’t do CrossFit just because everyone else is doing it. Perhaps Yoga is your thing?

And you can have fun, too: being active in sports activities like basketball or soccer will help keep you fit.  


3. Treat your workout the same way you treat your job

You wouldn't want to miss work for any reason. The same goes for your workouts. Your body will always resist – don't let it laze around.         

The secret to effective workouts is being able to stick to a schedule. If for any reason you can't follow through, you will have to reschedule instead of skipping. Reschedule, reschedule, reschedule!

4. Watch what you eat

Getting into shape also requires you to eat healthily. There is no way you will stay in shape when you don’t eat right.             

Eating right requires taking appropriate actions. If you have fallen into the habit of consuming soda in excess, then you will have to switch this habit with drinking water. You are better off cooking your own meals instead of eating out in fast food joints (and it’s usually a lot cheaper, too).


5. Be willing to try one more time

Nothing good ever comes easy. There will definitely be times when quitting looks like the smartest thing to do. You just have to keep trying no matter how many times you fail. Each time you push a little more when quitting looks like a good alternative, something within will make you feel good.          

6. Get good workout gear

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