Four-time Olympian Loves the Running Belt Max!

4-time Olmpian Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben Gonzalez, the only Winter Olympian to compete in four Olympic games in four different decades.

“Whether you are jogging, biking, hiking, or even spending a vacation at Disneyland, the Running Belt Max is great. It’s light, comfortable and designed to be practical. It deserves a Gold Medal!"

Ruben Gonzalez - Four-time Winter Olympian, Author, Speaker

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A true fan of the Running Belt Max brand running belt! (VIDEO)

"Great product to use when walking or running. I was looking for a product to use mainly for taking the dog on a walk that had a way to hold my phone without pockets.


I have used this running belt several times and it has worked perfectly for what I need it to. It is made of a spandex material that is adjustable, so I imagine it would fit many different bodies. The belt holds snug around the waist and does not slide up or down during use.


The pockets that are on it fit my iPhone 6s no problem, and even has room to spare for other items you would want to carry."


Submitted by Amazon customer Sherri

"Anyone will love this running belt. It is designed and played out about as good as it can get. You have plenty of room for a cell phone like and iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in the center compartment. The center also is split into 2 sections so you can have multiple things in it without scratching up your phone. The pocket to your right on the belt is for small things like change, headphones, or whatever you decide. The pocket on your body left is perfect of keys, it has a snap on locking clip.

All of you pockets have a zippered closing system. It is a nice high quality zipper. The belt is adjustable with excellent locking connectors to secure it to your body.

You get a free bottle holder key hook with the belt. The belt is definitely moisture proof and will hold up outside in the heat and conditions. It is a very well made exercise belt. It is very soft and very comfortable while wearing. It can also be used as a carry belt for those not using it as an exercise belt. Its like a modern fanny pack."

                                                                                                    Submitted by Amazon customer Jamie Robertson

"Let me tell you how happy I am with this running belt! It is even better than what I had imagined. Seriously, I have a (named brand) runners belt that I paid way a whole lot of money for about 5 years ago, and this is seriously so much better! I thought I was just getting a new running belt to hold my keys and cell phone in, but once I received it and tried it on, it has so much more!

It is adjustable to fit your waist, elastic band; also it is about 4" wide to fit all your essential running stuff in it, 3 zipper compartments, large one in center is large enough for my iphone 6, there is like a little separator thing in there for you to put a few dollars like a little wallet, on each side of the larger center zipper compartment and are 2 smaller ones, one side has a small clip for keys, and the other side had a larger red clip that you can take out and clip it onto the belt to hold a water bottle (I wasn't expecting that). Oh! I have to go back to that center compartment again, it has a little hole thing so you can take your ear buds with you, and just put them through there without having wires and all that stuff going all over the place.

This belt is so light weight, and didn't bounce around and jiggle on my run when I tested it out. Also, it has a reflector design on it, not too big and gawdy, just enough to reflect lights for those early morning runs.
I plan on using it for runs, hikes and exercise, but you could use them for other things like if you were to go to a theme park, or somewhere where you didn't want to bring a purse or back pack- just a small thing to hold your necessities, so much more stylish than a fanny pack! Very pleased with this runners belt, and definitely would recommend it!"

Submitted by Amazon customer The Munro Gang

"My product review is going to be completely different than the others. I seen an entirely different purpose for this. I work in a polished casual restaurant and aprons are not allowed. Being a female and a mother I do need to carry items with me. Things other females will know for our monthly visitor and carrying it in our pocket -_-... not too practical. I also need to carry my iphone "just in case" of anyone needing to contact me. In this belt (by the way- almost all of my co-workers will be buying one) I can carry a $20 bank in small bills. In the main zipper pouch, I keep all of my charged receipts- cash out receipts and on any given night $500-800.


I love how this has little compartments/ separators. Three different sized zippered compartments. I am a TRUE fan of this!! Before this belt I used a fanny pack. I had to wear a large uniform shirt because of all the things I would carry in the fanny pack would cause a huge BULGE on my side, in order to hide it I would go up 2 sizes in my work shirt. I can now wear a small uniform shirt and carry all of my important papers, iphone, perfume, eyeliner, lip balm, a wallet and not be worn down on my left side. It is also waterproof. If I should spill anything, which has happened all the paperwork.. SAFE!! The belt.. It is adjustable. Eventually (hopefully I will use it for what it was intended for.. BUT FOR NOW- it is a life saver for me at work!!"

Submitted by Amazon customer  m0m0f05

"I decided to try this belt out on my run/hike to the highest point of the Santa Monica mountains it was a total of 6.5 miles and I packed my phone, keys and a granola bar and a water bottle (standard size). The pocket for the keys is very handy it has a hook inside so that they don't fall out while running and it has a zipper. The middle pocket is very large and roomy my iPhone 6 fit perfectly and allowed room for the granola bar and the free bonus water bottle holder held my water bottle. There was a lot of mist that day and it was sprinkling lightly and my phone stayed super dry with no condensation at all.the belt was lightweight and didn't bother me at all while running although obviously I had to hold my water bottle in my hand. I would definitely invest in this belt it is high quality material and it will not disappoint. One more feature I would like to mention is there is a hole where you can pull your headphones out of that comes in handy on long runs. If your looking for a good lightweight and high quality running belt look no more!"

Submitted by Amazon customer Ceclia

"This running belt by Running Belt Max is way more than just a sports belt. I use when I exercise as well as go on a walk, hiking, playground with my kids, or go even go to an amusement park. I love having free hands and sometimes carrying a purse is just more that I want to deal with. This give me the freedom as well as being a very comfortable alternative.

This running belt is made from Lycra material, highly water resistant and much softer than neoprene. It has fully adjustable no bounce sport belt fits waist sizes 27" to 48". It has three pouches. In the center you have a large pouch that measures approximately 7.5” long x 4” tall and can hold most any smartphone, including iPhone 6 plus and your driver’s license, credit cards, insurance cards, cash, etc. There is a “waterproof” zipper also to ensure the phone stays in the pouch as well as dry while in the pouch… even if you were upside down or splashing on a water ride. Two smaller pouches on the side measures approximately 3.5” long x 4” tall that you could use for anything like keys, loose change, meds you may need, and much more, it stays in the pouch when it’s shut.
This is really a well- made belt that also has reflective strip around the zippers for safety. I would honestly use this myself daily and would give this as a gift to a friend or family member. 

The running belt is great for workout, jogging, run a marathon, walk your dog, hiking, climbing, skateboard. Also very handy for shopping trips, visiting theme parks and other outdoor venues. It also come with a free bottle holder. Best of all, it comes with lifetime guarantee!"

Submitted by Amazon customer Eva

"This really works very well. Does allow room for my Android Maxx 2 which is enormous. I really like that they include a bottle carrier, nice that they would. I am a serious walker - 65 + miles per week with a dog. The belt is comfortable, can't tell its even there & has more than enough room for stashing whatever I will need which I appreciate. The tailoring is very well done, should last a long time. Like that it has many zippered pockets, a separate area for ID/credit card, etc. Glow in dark is sufficient also. Great purchase."


Submitted by Amazon customer CJ

"This is a great running belt. I was recently in need of one for the gym when doing cardio, and this belt is exactly what I was looking for. It has multiple pockets for my phone, and a bottle pouch on each side. The fit is a one size fits all type, and is adjustable accordingly. The style of it is very sleek, and very nice for men and women. I can fit my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge very easily, as well as my keys and money. All pockets come with a zipper so no need to worry about things falling out, and there is a devoted headphone hole meant to squeeze to fit out the headphone wire for easy listening. I definitely recommend this running belt, it just makes working out with your phone on you so much easier."

Submitted by Amazon customer John

"Great for longer distance running. I was able to put my wallet, keycard and cash separately and I also brought a dri-fit tshirt as an extra shirt and it all fits in the bag. After all the sweating, my items inside remained dry. It comes with a key holder too for an added security of the valuables. It fits snugly into the waist or hips and it doesn't move alot while running. I love this product!" 


Submitted by Amazon customer Dellski

"This exercise belt is AWESOME! I know that the website even states how great this belt is....but it actually is GREAT! It adjusts to your size and holds your phone, earbuds, keys and more all the while still laying flat. It has no bounce what so ever. The main large pocket also has a separator in it that hold your license and credit cards. The key pocket has a clip inside of it so you can clip your keys to it for extra safety. Oh, and the belt is waterproof which means it is sweat proof and that is super important to me because I sweat when I run and most people do. I highly recommend this belt to all runners, walkers and gym junkies. I absolutely love it!"


Submitted by Amazon customer Ashley P

"I love this running belt!! When I was searching for a new running belt...I could not find any other pocketed waist belts that looked as well made as this one. It is great that it is water resistant because you never know when you will get caught in the rain while running. It is sweat-proof, stays in place, is non-chaffing, securely holds your cell phone, car keys, money, etc; One of the many things I really like about this running belt is that it can be used for other things besides, flea marketing, traveling, etc; There’s an interior organizer that keeps everything in its place...and a key hole inside the left pocket. The design of the running belt is so form fitting it can be worn under a shirt or jacket. One of the best things about this running belt is the eyeglass/eyeglass loops....which is very handy."


Submitted by Amazon customer Melvina71