6 Safe Travel Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Dave Chandler

Users of the Running Belt Max have found it to be a great tool for travelling. I hope you'll find these 6 safe travel tips to be helpful...


They say that travel broadens the mind and for the most part, they’re absolutely right, whoever the ominous “they” may actually be. Traveling to parts unknown is an exhilarating and enjoyable experience that opens your eyes to parts of the world you never knew existed. You get to see other countries, other traditions, and other customs that you never knew about, all the while having a fantastic time in the process. Like all things in life however, it’s absolutely vital that you take care when traveling abroad, or anywhere you’re not familiar with for that matter, not only for financial reasons, but for safety reasons as well. Being abroad for example, surrounded by places and people you aren’t familiar with, can be a pretty daunting experience. To help ensure that you not only keep your personal belongings safe, but also, more importantly, you and your travel companions safe— here we’ll be taking a look at six basic safe travel tips that you simply cannot afford to ignore.


Keep cameras and expensive equipment away


Although whilst on holiday/vacation, you will obviously want to take plenty of videos and photographs to help document your trip; you should still resist the urge to carry expensive cameras and other similar equipment around with you in plain view. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that, unfortunately, pretty much anywhere you go, there could very well be thieves who could instantly be drawn to your equipment and would subsequently try to rob you. The second reason is that carrying expensive items in your arms, or even around your neck, puts them at much more of a risk of being damaged, dropped, or falling from cliffs or into the sea for example. If you have a bag, keep them in there, and when you want to take a photograph, or take some video, simply unzip the bag, take the image/media, and zip your belongings away again.


Don’t carry all your spending money at once


Rather than using the card machines abroad, most people tend to save their money before they leave, and then get it exchanged for foreign currency, which they then use as spending money for their trip. There’s nothing wrong with this, although you must make sure that you never carry all of your spending money around with you at once. Each day, give yourself a budget, take that amount in cash, and leave the rest somewhere secure such as in a safe. The reason for this is that suppose that you do decide to carry around all of your spending money in your wallet, but were then to either have your wallet stolen, or simply lose it, you will then have lost all of your money for your trip. On the flipside however, if you only have a small amount and lose your wallet, whilst being annoying, at least back at your hotel or villa, you will still have the rest of your money.


Travel insurance


Whilst many people believe travel insurance to be a scam, in reality travel insurance is incredibly beneficial and could quite literally make or break any holiday or trip abroad. Travel insurance will help to cover your belongings/spending money, it can cover hospital/medical bills, and it can generally get you out of a number of other potentially nasty scrapes in the process. Before you make any trips abroad to foreign countries, it’s strongly recommended that you find yourself the best travel insurance provider that you possibly can. Even if you don’t need it, and hopefully you won’t, it’s worth it just for the peace of mind if nothing else.


Choose the right accessories


Nowadays, whilst traveling out and about, more and more people are purchasing specially designed belts, which are designed not only to look stylish, but to also serve a very real purpose in the process. The Running Belt Max for example, is absolutely ideal because not only is it comfortable, it also has a number of secure pockets and compartments, so that you can keep your money, your phone, and your other valuables safe whilst out and about. It can be tucked under a shirt or jacket, so this is an added safety feature opposed to a bulky fanny pack. There’s even a port for your headphones so you can listen to music via your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc., or MP3 or MP4 device, as you wear it. Basically, think of the Running Belt Max as the ultimate fanny pack but waterproof, and with the added bonus of actually looking stylish, being comfortable, and serving a number of purposes in the process. You can buy the Running Belt Max running belt on Amazon by clicking this link


Be alert


Remember, as a tourist, to thieves and pickpockets, you’re an incredibly easy target, as you are so vulnerable and out of your comfort zone. If you have expensive items on your person, don’t wave them around for people to see, and don’t display them for potential thieves. Always be alert for any possible signs of trouble, and if you do feel as if there may be, get out of there as soon as possible. Remember: Code Yellow applies especially while traveling. Look at your surroundings, look at the people, and keep a lookout for other tourists. If an area is quieter, or if it looks more rundown and intimidating, this could possibly be a sign that you’re in a bad area, so you may wish to return to where you previously came from.


Passport safety


Before you even think about heading abroad, one of the first things you should do is scan a copy of your passport and then email it to yourself right away. On top of that, using the camera on your phone, you should also take a photo of it as well. The main reason for this is that, say you do need your passport, for ID purposes, rather than having to physically carry around your passport with you, you can instead use the scan/photo as proof instead. Carrying your passport around with you is very risky as you could lose it or have it stolen, which will then be very expensive and very frustrating, and will essentially ruin your entire trip. Your passport should instead stay securely hidden or locked away back at your hotel. A good idea is to laminate your passport photocopy so it doesn’t become ruined from moisture. Finally, this little trick might be worth its weight in gold: write on a piece of paper “If found, please return to (you) immediately. Call and email me at (your phone number and email address). Reward!”, and staple it to one of your passport pages. If someone finds it, they’ll know who and how to contact you. Offering a reward of at least $100 will be money well spent.