5 Simple and Effective Theme Park Smart Tips


Dave Chandler

Running Belt Max users have found it to be an excellent theme park companion. Put these 5 simple theme park smart tips to good use...


When you hear the word ‘fun’ what other word immediately springs to mind? Why, ‘Theme Park’ of course, and rightfully so. Theme parks are literally one of the most fun and enjoyable creations since the dawn of time itself, which is why they generate billions upon billions in profit every single year, and see millions upon millions of people flock to them each year, from all across the globe. The great thing about theme parks, other than the fact that they’re so much fun of course, is the there are so many different varieties out there. Some are small and more conservative, yet some are absolutely enormous! When you think of theme parks, even though your country/area may very well have some pretty awesome parks, there’s one part of the world that is synonymous with theme parks, and that is the state of Florida. Florida is home to the Disney World resort, Sea World, Epcot Center, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, The Island of Adventure, Discovery Cove, Typhoon Lagoon, and more. Whilst Theme Parks are indeed a huge barrel of fun, they can be potentially dangerous and risky places, particularly if you’re a tourist visiting the area from another state or country. To help ensure that your next visit to a theme park, wherever it may be, is a relaxed and enjoyable one, take a look at these 5 simple and effective theme park smart tips.


Make sure everybody in your group has a full cell phone battery


Chances are nowadays that your mobile/cell phone will be in the form of a smart phone, which, whilst generally being considered awesome, some aren’t renowned for their long battery life. Before you and your group leave for the theme park, the first thing you should do is make sure that each of your cell phones is fully charged, which will mean putting them on charge the night before you’re due to visit the park. The reason for this is that, as theme parks are huge places, with thousands upon thousands of people visiting each day, you can easily become lost. If you have kids with a phone, if they were to become lost, you could simply give them a call and find out where they are, or, send them a message telling them to meet you at a certain location. Being able to call one another if you get separated is not only a great way of saving time, rather than searching through thousands of people, it also provides a little extra peace of mind.


Arrange to meet at a specific point if anybody gets lost


Another great way of helping to make life a little easier when visiting a theme park, is to arrange to meet at a specific point in the event of one of your party getting lost. It doesn’t matter whether they’re kids, or adults; this is still a smart strategy as it can again help to save time. For example, before you head into the park to explore, find a part of the park that is easy to find, and easily accessible and arrange to meet there if you get separated. You could choose a central square, a restaurant, or even the car in the parking lot.


Always follow the rules


Obviously this should go without saying, but often there will be times where people simply ignore rules and regulations, try to do their own thing, and then end up injured as a result. For example, if a sign says ‘keep out’ you keep out. If a ride tells you to keep arms and legs inside a car, you keep your arms and legs inside the car. Make sure everybody in your party is clear that park rules and regulations must be followed at all times.


Keep money and valuables safe with the Running Belt Max


One of the best things about visiting a theme park, is being able to buy all of the food and drink you like, along with souvenirs, ride photos, and various games on arcade machines etc. Because of this, you will need to take a fair bit of spending money with you, so the last thing you want is for it to become lost or stolen. Don’t just cram money into your pocket and hope for the best, and don’t just expect a purse or wallet to do the job either. Remember, you’ll be going upside down, side to side, backwards and forwards, through water, and much more, so you could quite easily lose money and valuables during a go on a ride. Rather than using your pocket, think about investing in products such as the Running Belt Max. The Running Belt Max itself is incredibly comfortable to wear, it’s discreet, and best of all, there are handy pouches and compartments to store your money, tickets, passes, smart phone, cards, and other valuables comfortably without having to overload your pockets. What’s more, the compartments are 99% waterproof so you needn’t worry about your phone getting damaged when you get soaked on the log flume or rapids, or if there’s ever a downpour. There’s even a headphone port so you can listen to your favourite music as you make your way around the park or when you’re waiting in the lines. You can buy the Running Belt Max running belt on Amazon by clicking this link


Be sensible with food and drink


When we exercise, we sweat and lose fluids, which need to be replaced, which is why we drink water when we workout. Theme parks are not small places, which means that as you walk your way around them, you will cover several miles and will burn a lot of calories, and lose fluids in the process, which will need replacing. It can be tempting to drink sugary soda all day, but that is not healthy and will not hydrate you adequately. Of course you can still enjoy the odd soda, but make sure that you also regularly drink fresh water to keep hydrated. As far as food goes, we are all tempted to eat burgers, hot dogs, fries, donuts, pizza, chips, ice cream, candy etc, but don’t go mad. If you eat too much in one go, you may make yourself feel ill, be bloated, or you may get stomach cramps. But don’t feel guilty about eating these foods, either, while on holiday. Although these foods aren’t good for you, there’s little harm in indulging yourself in these foods from time to time.