Simple Ways to Make Cycling More Enjoyable


Dave Chandler

Cycling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and rightfully so. Cycling is ideal because it is fun, it is good for the environment, it helps you get some fresh air and to see the great outdoors, and of course, it’s a great way of getting some much-needed exercise.


Despite this however, not everybody is a fan of cycling, and it’s safe to say that some people may need a little bit of additional persuasion to put on their cycling helmets and hop onto their bicycles. If you’re one of these individuals, or perhaps if you’re simply not enjoying your cycling as much as you used to, rather than simply throwing in the towel and quitting altogether, you may instead wish to look for alternative methods of making your cycling more enjoyable and rewarding.


Remember, you get out of cycling what you put into it. If you find yourself struggling to find the energy, motivation, and willpower to jump on your bike and go for a ride, obviously your ride isn’t going to be enjoyable, productive, or beneficial. Here however, are a few simple ways of making cycling more enjoyable, so that you can once again fall in love with cycling, and see just how beneficial and enjoyable this activity can be.


Go cycling with other people – A lot of cyclists will head out on their bikes alone, and go riding alone, and if you enjoy a little peace and quiet and your own company, then that is perfectly fine. However, if you’re finding yourself bored and struggling to get going when you go cycling, you may wish to go cycling with other people instead. Whether you go with friends, family members, or even if you join a cycling group, riding with other people can make cycling a great deal more rewarding and enjoyable, for several reasons. To begin with, you have other people to talk to, both as you ride, and when you stop to take a break, and you can enjoy each other’s company. On top of that however, there is the fact that you can help motivate and help push each other harder than you would if you were alone, so your cycling session becomes more rewarding as a result. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, there is also the added bonus of being able to help each other out if you fall into trouble, for example, a flat tire or a chain snapping perhaps.


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Explore new locations – If you find yourself cycling down the same routes time and time again, you may wish to broaden your horizons and explore new locations. Some people for example, will cycle in urban surroundings, and quickly grow bored and tired, and it’s easy to see why. In urban surroundings, you’re starting at dull grey concrete and tarmac, you’re at risk of being knocked off your bike by other road users, and of course, you will get a fair deal of abuse from road users as a result. For these reasons, you may wish to explore more rural locations out in the wild, where you’re more likely to cycle through lush green fields, trees, mountains, and general wildlife. No matter where you cycle, you should always be open to trying new routes.


Plan bike rides – Some people just decide to hop on their bikes and go for a ride, without knowing where they plan on going, or how long they plan on going for. This is not always productive, in the same sense that it is not always productive to go to the gym without having any workout plan or program in place. If however, you plan your bike rides down to the very last detail, including which routes to take and avoid, as well as a final destination, your cycling rides are likely to be much more enjoyable because you will have an objective in mind.


Stop for a treat – If you do decide to go cycling somewhere nice, why not stop and give yourself a treat when you reach your destination, or half way through perhaps. You could stop for a drink, an ice cream, a nice meal, or anything else for that matter. Knowing you have something to look forward to however, will help keep you motivated and will help ensure that you enjoy your ride.