Amazon Top 500 Reviewer Says Running Belt Max is the Best

Since the release of the Running Belt Max in January of this year, we've received many great reviews of our multi-use, running waist pack. In fact, we have more than 600 reviews on, including 16 video reviews.

The Running Belt Max is really popular because many people want to run, walk and exercise and have their phone with them, and our belt solves this problem. As a bonus, it is extremely comfortable to wear and most people say it's a far better solution to an exercise arm band. It is the perfect running belt for iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note, s7, Nexus --

but really; ANY large smartphone. There's even room for your passport so it makes a great travel money belt as well.

The running waist pack has two additional smaller pockets for carrying gel packs, makeup, Chapstick, money, keys. medications, inhalers, snacks, dog waist bags, and many other essentials. There's even a rubberized earphone hole which enables you to listen to your iTunes while on the go, and your sensitive electronics will remain protected from rain and sweat... and even protection from splash rides if you're using the Running Belt Max to take to Disney Land / Disney World or other theme park or festival.

It's been a fantastic journey thus far with Running Belt Max, where we've had several running and fitness websites feature our belt, hundreds of social media shares and blog posts from fans, and we've even had a four-time Olympian buy our running belt and send us a testimonial and photos of him wearing the belt, found here.

To add icing to the cake, we recently got a video review from an Amazon Top 500 reviewer. Out of the many millions of Amazon reviewers, it is a privilege to have someone test our belt who is in the top 500 of all reviewers. It was a great review -- 5 Stars -- and the video this guy made is well done.

He said the Running Belt Max was the best running belt he has ever used, and he's tried several. With every purchase, customers get a free eBook download titled: "What Everybody Ought to Know... the Right and Wrong About Running Health and Fitness." Also, included with the belt, is a second free bonus: a water bottle holder that can be conveniently clipped to a backpack, belt or belt loop to carry your water while walking or hiking, hands-free. L. Columbus (the reviewer) has a great sense of humor, and it's interesting what he uses his water bottle holder for. :)

Thanks to everyone for their support and for buying our running belt, and your honest reviews are always appreciated on Amazon.

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