Top 10 Most Surprising Uses for the Running Belt Max

The Running Belt Max was released on 10 months ago, and all different types of people with varying interests are now enjoying it. The three-pocket waist belt was originally designed for runners, walkers and people who are into fitness, but much to our surprise; the Running Belt Max is being put to good use for many other reasons as well.

This running waist pack is very slim, but it can hold many things, for example: any large cell phone such as the iPhone 6 Plus, / iPhone 7 Plus, Nexus 6p, Galaxy Note 7 … passports, credit cards, cash, ID cards, keys, earbuds, medications (including inhalers), makeup, Chapstick, gel packs, sunglasses, and much, much more. The beauty of this running belt, is that it is thin enough to be hidden under a shirt or jacket, yet it can carry a good number of essentials.

​Although this waist pack can carry a lot of stuff, don’t mistake it to be a fanny pack from the 90’s. The Running Belt Max has a much sexier appeal and it’s very stylish, much more than its distant relative. It’s also very water resistant, and can protect your gear from rain, sweat and even water splashes.

​Here are the top 10 uses for the Running Belt Max. Some of these uses surprised us initially:

1. Running / Jogging: It’s what the Running Belt Max was designed for, and the running community has given it the ‘thumbs up’. One popular product review website put it in the Top 10 best running belts category for 2016 (source: From 5K runners to full marathon athletes to trail runners, this running belt is preferred by many.

2. Cycling: Bikers and cyclists are enjoying the Running Belt Max. It even has light-reflective zippers for safer low-light and no-light biking, and its low profile design allows the user to lean forward without hindrance or bulk.

3. Hiking: The Running Belt Max is the perfect hiking companion because of its unobtrusive design. It's great for carrying essentials like nuts and snacks, a smartphone, a pocket knife, keys, GPS, compasses, etc. And, it comes with a free water bottle holder so you can easily carry water… you’re more likely to stay hydrated since this companion makes carrying water easy to do.

4. Fitness: People who like CrossFit, Zumba, Yoga, iron-pumping, tread-milling, working out, you name it: this is a great pocketed waist belt for taking to the gym or studio. Arm bands get in the way and are very limited when it comes to what they can hold. The Running Belt Max will be one of the best workout partners you've ever had.

5. Dog walking: The Running Belt Max isn’t just for runners, but it’s also ideal for walking and that includes dog walking. The main pouch can hold phones as large as the iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus, and the two smaller pockets can hold treats and waist bags. The water bottle holder that is included with every purchase of the Running Belt Max is a dog walkers dream. Now you can carry water for you or your dog, hands-free.

6. Theme parks: There’s nothing worse than getting on a water ride and getting soaked, and then realizing your smartphone and other valuables are ruined. The Running Belt Max is the perfect theme park companion— it’s sweat and splash-proof, and it's resistant to rain even during major downpours.

7. Landscaping / Yard work: Most people don’t enjoy raking leaves or trimming the lawn or doing other yard work, but what will make these tasks more enjoyable is being able to listen to music while working outdoors. The Running Belt Max has an earphone hole so you can listen to music while your phone stays protected from moisture. And you'll never miss a call since the belt makes it easy to have your phone with you.

8. Shopping / Errand running: Who wants to lug their large handbag around when they only want to carry money, ID, credit cards, medications, and other small items when running errands or shopping? This running belt is a convenient grab-and-go bag that you can wear. And it's a snap to put on. Brilliant!

9. Sports venues: Again, why lug a bulky bag or backpack into a sporting venue, when you can just clip on the Running Belt Max? If you're into football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball games, etc., you'll wonder how you ever got along without this! This pocketed waist belt can be hidden underneath your clothing, and it's a good way to bring inside essentials and handy items without added bulk. Note: we’re getting emails and testimonials from some coaches who are now using this running belt.

10. Skateboarding: Yes, even skateboarders love it! It’s simply no fun skateboarding without listing to music; any large smartphone or music gear (iPod, Airpods, earphones) will fit into the main pocket, making it a cinch to enjoy iTunes and music while on a roll.

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