Nurse, Get In Here!

Nurse love our running belt!

The Running Belt Max brand running waist pack is no ordinary running belt. The handy zippered pockets, three in all, makes this waist pack a great organizer for all your gear.

One profession has taken notice of the slim design of the Lycra waist pack and the smart pocket organizers. What profession is this?


Yes, our valuable (and sometimes under-appreciated) nurses have found the Running Belt Max to be very handy while on duty.

The running belt makes it easy to carry a nurses essential gear, such as scissors, hemostats, medical tape, IV cap, alcohol wipes, marker pens, hand sanitizer, small flashlight and more.

The long zipper-pulls make it easy to access the three pockets, even while in a rush. These high-quality pulls perfectly contour to the users thumb and forefinger. Maybe this seems like such a small thing— but we’ve paid great attention to every detail of the Running Belt Max.

Running Belt Max is very thin and has a handy key holder

Yes, we’re proud of it. :)

Our running belt could easily be called an “everything belt”, with all the great features it has. Such as being able to carry your glasses when you’re not using them, on either of the elastic loops on the right and left side.

And, the key clasp is a great way to store your keys so they never get lost or mixed up with any other items.

Our running belt (sorry; the all-purpose, multi-use, everything belt), is fully adjustable, and will fit waist sizes from 27” to 47”. Even the adjustable band is elastic, so it makes for a very comfortable fit, even while the user wears it for hours on end.

It’s also highly water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note7 / s7, Nexus 6p, etc., and any other large smartphone getting ruined while in the rain or snow, or from sweat.

If you or someone you know is a nurse, consider getting them (or yourself) a Running Belt Max for the holidays. It is something they’ll find very valuable while they’re on duty, and we can (virtually) guarantee they’ll appreciate it.

Of course, if you know someone who is a runner or fitness guru, the Running Belt Max makes the perfect gift for the holidays; it's the ultimate fitness accessory they won’t be able to live without.

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