How To Solve Any Problem, And A 2017 Prediction…

Walking the dog while wearing a Running Belt Max.

Hot diggity, 2017 is officially here! A time for renewal, new goals, and new year's resolutions.

I have this feeling that this new year will bring many surprises (mostly good ones), and that an ‘active’ revolution will begin. Not just large numbers of people joining fitness clubs and getting new running and walking shoes, but I also sense a more passive shift where more people will get off the couch, and prefer the enchantment of the outdoors over the hypnotic effects of the television.

What will likely follow, is a record number of people giving up sodas and fast food, and replacing them with wholesome foods: fresh fruits and veggies (and juices), herbal supplements, and whole food vitamins and minerals.

Just imagine how productive a society would be if most of us watched 20% less television, and walked or rode a bicycle during this time? This shift would be Earth shattering.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to increase your fitness, lose weight, and become more active; the Running Belt Max will be such a great companion. It really does make being active much more enjoyable.

We’ve received many testimonials and reviews on Amazon stating how thrilled people are with their Running Belt Max, and many of these comments are from people who thought they would never enjoy using a running belt waist pack.

If you have a goal to be more active in 2017, I firmly believe that a brief walk six or seven days per week is all you’ll need to start to lose weight and to feel better.

Want to know how to solve just about any problem, or instantly become stress-free? Walk for just 15 minutes! And remember to wear your Running Belt Max— you’ll be able to listen to music or your favorite audio book with no problem with the rubberized earphone port, which allows easy connectivity to your electronic device. The Running Belt Max will fit an iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy 7, and virtually any phablet on the market. It also allows you to carry your money, ID’s, keys, medications, doggy poop bags, sunglasses, and even a water bottle.

You can get it on Amazon here.

I think there’s no better gift than the gift of health. Consider encouraging a family member or your very best friend to become more active and to make an improvement to their diet this year. A small change will make a very large impact, and they will be eternally grateful for it!

Best wishes for 2017, and may this new year be your best year ever....

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