Meet Pat, our newest blogger at Running Belt Max!

Hi, this is Pat, a new writer here at I’m excited to join the team as the RunningBeltMax business grows and expands!

A little about me: I’m in my early 40s with a wife and 3 children, and we live in the North East corridor. That makes it hard to run year ‘round, as I type this we are expecting a Nor’easter that should dump a foot of snow tomorrow. I’m starting to coach grade-school track and cross country, so my blog content will be about that journey, as well as the journey of getting back into distance running after letting my work and life (and weight!) get in the way over the past few years. I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon twice when I was younger, but my fitness level falls far short of that today. I’m also typically not much of a “personal sharer,” so this blog is new territory for me.

I got off the mat and put in an easy 4 miles yesterday. It was cold, maybe 30 degrees out, and snow was on the grass but the roads and sidewalks near my house were generally clear. I went with my two older boys, both of them took the winter off from running, so this was perhaps a late start for getting back into shape for Spring track, and all 3 of us were somewhat apprehensive before the run. When you have a type A personality as all three of us unfortunately do, you don’t like the face the prospect that your performance is clearly going to fall far short of what you used to be capable of, even for an early season training run. That’s one of the hardest things to face when getting back into running after a long layoff, and that performance anxiety become self-fulfilling, causing us to rather not go running at all rather than to huff and puff our way through what should be an easy one in our minds. As an adult it’s perhaps a bit easier for me to handle, I mean, what’s the big deal, right? Just get out there and run, who cares how fast you go or how you feel? For the kids it’s a bit tougher, as they are still learning how to deal with their competitive drive and how to handle the long game of getting into performance shape.

Naturally, I wore my RunningBeltMax to see how it would feel. I wanted to know if it would pinch, sag, or irritate my skin, and I’ll keep doing that for future runs so that we can understand how the product works for you with repeated usage. I’m happy to report that after the first 30 seconds I completely forgot I was wearing it! I only had my iPhone 6 in it, net time I’ll throw some keys and other objects in to test it with more weight. (I won’t promo the belt in every post, I promise.)

So, of course, the run was just fine, even though it was slow: 2 miles out, 2 miles back on residential streets and sidewalks in a little over 40 minutes. I felt a little creaky the next day, and I’m not ready to jump back into a defined training regimen but I did feel good enough to try again later this week and see if I can’t at least get 3-4 workouts per week in, just to build some consistency. I do need to grab some new shoes as I can see where the tread on mine is starting to wear, which means the shoes are long past their expected life. It’s easy to forget about shoes wearing down and why you’re getting increasingly sore after workouts, and then to be amazed at how good you feel after buying a new pair.

That’s it for my first post, I’ll be back to talk about how I feel after stringing a few runs together and how track practices go. Thanks for reading.


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