Spring is Here!!!

Spring never seems to come quickly enough, but we’re finally seeing some better weather for outdoor fitness in the northern US, although I suspect folks in Florida may start to feel the opposite way soon. For me it’s getting easier to maintain a regular running schedule now that the snow is gone.

For the track kids that we coach, March was a time of fits and starts as far as the weather goes for getting outside to train. This week, though, we were able to get our first meet in, and with 300 or so kids competing, it was controlled chaos. Since I’m new to the coaching group, my assignment is to coach the 6 year old boys, the youngest group on our team. Getting these kids to where they needed to be for events was like herding cats! While zipping around the infield I had to juggle lots of different papers, keys, iphone, etc. in my pockets because someone in my household had already claimed my running belt for the day. Um honey, I’m glad you like it, I know where we can get more so that you don’t have to take mine!

Although we had a great meet day weather-wise, my middle son had to shut it down early due to a nagging Achilles problem that I think came from ramping up to quickly this Spring. As an old guy, I know how to ease into it to get back into shape and not push too hard the first day out there, but for a middle schooler who has been cooped up all winter, the first few practices were filled with thoughts of working harder than ever this Spring. So be careful out there, don’t overrun yourselves in the first week just because the weather is nice! We have a long Spring, Summer, and Fall ahead.

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