4 Tools and Techniques to Keep You Motivated While Exercising


Dave Chandler

As beneficial, and often enjoyable as exercising and working out can be, unfortunately from time to time we all lack motivation and inspiration to train. This then leaves us feeling uninspired, tired, lethargic, and basically just going through the motions in the gym— trying to get through our workouts as quickly as possible so that we can head home. Rather than just going through the motions however, we should instead find ways of keeping ourselves productive and motivated whilst working out. In reality, it doesn’t matter whether you’re training in the gym, cycling through the park, jogging around the block, or even taking your dog for a walk; it’s all exercise and therefore it’s all beneficial. If you find yourself lacking motivation and inspiration to exercises however, take a look at these 4 tools and techniques designed to help boost motivation levels while you work out.


Set goals and targets – It doesn’t matter whether you’re lifting weights, running, using a treadmill, cycling, or anything else for that matter; studies have found that when we set goals and targets, we automatically become more competitive and more motivated in order to hit these goals and targets. For example, if you’re using the treadmill, don’t just hop on and decide to hop off as soon as you feel tired. Set yourself a target distance, time, or even calorie burn before you get off. Tell yourself that no matter what, you don’t get to jump off the machine until you’ve ran for ‘X’ amount of minutes, or miles, or have burnt ‘X’ amount of calories. If lifting weights follow a set number of reps and sets, don’t just go through the motions. Having targets to aim for helps increase productivity and motivation to reach these goals and targets, so give this some thought.


Visualize – Another very productive technique to help keep you motivated is to visualize your health and fitness goals. For example, if you’re working out to build muscle and burn fat; visualize yourself with a much leaner, more muscular physique. Think about how great you’ll look and feel, and remind yourself of this the next time you find yourself slacking off with your workouts. If you’re training for a race, event, or marathon; again, visualize yourself not only competing, but dominating the competition in the process.


Listen to your favourite music – Another fantastic method of boosting motivation is to listen to your favorite music while you’re training. Gyms and fitness centers do indeed play music, but there’s no guarantee that the music they play will be to your liking, which is why it’s advisable to create a playlist yourself, and listen to them on your electronic devices via headphones. This means you get control of the music, and you can have it as loud or as quiet as you like, which brings us to our final motivation tool...


The Running Belt Max – This is the most versatile running waist band and fitness accessory on the market, which also functions as a recreational belt in the process. Not only is it comfortable to wear— coming complete with handy pockets and attachments to store your valuables; the motivational side of things come into play. It comes complete with an earphone port, allowing you to easily hook up headphones and listen to their favorite tracks via smart phones (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc.), MP3 or MP4 players, or other electronic devices. The port is housed in a sweat-proof pocket so you needn’t worry about damage to your tools or equipment either. The belt is not only comfortable to wear, it is also functional, making it an ideal piece of motivational equipment that you may not be able to live without. 

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