Helpful Tips for Attending Outdoor Sporting Events


Dave Chandler

One of the best things about attending outdoor sporting events, is the overall atmosphere in the stadium. Attending a live sporting event is like nothing you will have ever experienced before, and it is certainly far, far, far different to simply watching the event at home from your armchair. There are countless different types of sporting events to choose from, but one thing that is for certain, is the fact that you need to prepare before you attend. It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching football, racing, athletics, baseball, or anything else, if you simply arrive at the stadium unprepared, you could potentially make life very difficult for yourself. The primary objective here is for you, and other members of your party, to have fun and to enjoy yourselves— and with these handy tips, that is exactly what you can do. Take a look and see what you think.


Arrive nice and early – Now, the type of event that you’re going to watch will determine how early you should arrive. For example, if you are simply going to watch the local football team, even if they are popular, the chances are that the stadium won’t be enormous, so you won’t be fighting for parking spaces. If you’re going to view a very popular team/event however, there could potentially be thousands, even tens of thousands, of people turning up, so if you leave things until the last minute, you will struggle to find a parking space, it will take you a long time to gain access into the stadium, then of course, there will the battle to get to your seats. If you arrive early in plenty of time however, this needn’t be an issue. You don’t need to arrive several hours before the event is scheduled to begin, but if you turn up 45 minutes beforehand, you should have plenty of time to park and get settled, before everybody else makes a mad dash for their seats.


Dress for the weather – Another important thing to remember is that you will need to dress for the weather, otherwise you run the risk of feeling uncomfortable and even making yourself ill. For example, if it is winter, outdoor seating can get pretty cold, so you will need to wrap up warm. If you don’t, rather than being able to enjoy the game, all you will be thinking about is how cold you are. In summer, obviously less clothing will be fine, and don’t forget your waterproofs for if it does rain, and remember to bring your sunscreen. To help you plan ahead, it’s a good idea to check your local weather forecasts a few days leading up to the event.


Research stadium rules – Another thing you must do to ensure your sporting event is enjoyable, is to research the stadium rules before you arrive. For example, see if they do permit alcohol if you plan on bringing in your own, and if not, don’t try to smuggle them in, as you will be found out and you may be ejected. If any members of your party have a reputation for being rowdy at times, again, find out what the rules and regulations are. If children will be present, refrain from using bad language and aggressive behaviour, even if your team is losing, as you don’t want to set a bad example or to spoil it for everybody else.


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Make sure your phone is charged – The great thing about phones nowadays is that they can be used for a whole variety of different purposes. To begin with, it’s important to have a full charge so that you can contact other members of your party if anybody does get lost, or if you get split up. Plus, it’s useful for if you break down on the way home. As well as that however, you can look up interesting stats, previous scores, and information about certain players to make your sporting event experience even more interactive and enjoyable. If you have indeed purchased the Running Belt Max, there is even a rubberised earphone port so you can listen to your phone, without removing it from the belt. In case you do need backup power, there is room enough in the Running Belt Max for a small power pack and phone charger.