5 Hot Tips for First Time Cruisers


Dave Chandler

As far as vacations and holidays are concerned, cruising is one of the most popular activities you could ever engage in, yet there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who have yet to discover just how wonderful a cruise can actually be. If you speak to people that have been on a cruise in the past, nine times out of ten, they will tell you that they absolutely loved it, and considered it to be one the best vacations they’ve been on. There’s nothing quite like your first cruise, but before you set sail on the open waters, there are a few things you will need to know ahead of time. There is an art to cruising, and if you wish to get the most out of your cruise, you will need to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. Researching anything new before you begin is always a good idea, yet with cruising, research is essential if you wish to get the most out of your vacation. To help make your first cruise that little bit more magical, here are 5 handy tips for first-time cruisers.


1. Arrive at the boat the night before – One thing you can do to make your cruise even more enjoyable is to arrive there the night before. Many ports are located next to a series of hotels, so most people choose to drive down the day before, arrive in the evening, and stay the night at a hotel beforehand. This is very beneficial because it means that you don’t have to rush to get there the next day, as you can simply wake up in your hotel, have breakfast, get ready, and then walk a few hundred yards and get on the boat when it is time to board. You can also store your vehicle safely in many of these destinations, so life really couldn’t be simpler.


2. Opt out of automatic tipping – Most cruise vessels will automatically add gratuity charges onto your bill, meaning that you will automatically pay a certain percentage in tips for each day that you are on board the ship. Don’t worry however, because if you speak to the help desk and tell them you would like to opt out of these charges, they will automatically be removed from your bill. Many people would much rather tip based upon the services that they receive, not have it is a mandatory charge.


3. Purchase the Running Belt Max beforehand – The Running Belt Max is absolutely perfect for people who are embarking on a cruise, as due to the belt’s fantastic design, it makes life so much easier. The belt is ideal because it has a number of safe and secure pockets which will easily allow you to store money, cabin keys, casino chips, tickets to shows, bank cards, phones (including the iPhone 6 Plus), and many other valuables that you need to carry around with you. The belt is made from Lycra and is extremely comfortable as it is fully adjustable. Once on, you will barely notice it’s there, yet it will remain firmly in place at all times. It is waterproof, features a metal key holder, has storage for your sunglasses, and it even has a rubberized earphone port, so you can listen to your favorite music as you relax in the sunshine on the deck. For first time cruisers, or even seasoned cruisers for that matter, the Running Belt Max is a truly fantastic product. You can buy the Running Belt Max running belt on Amazon by clicking this link. 


4. Have the whole ship to yourself – Cruises are very popular, so as you might expect, the ships can get pretty crowded, especially at peak times. It’s rare that a cruise sets sail with empty cabins, and if you’d like to explore more of your ship, but can’t face the crowds of people, why not stay on board when the ship arrives at one of its set destinations?  If there is a location you’re not keen on, when everybody else departs to explore and go on excursions etc, use this time to relax and unwind, and do a spot of exploring. Most cruise ships will be like ghost ships when they reach port, so if you would like to go exploring in peace, or even just relax by the pool, stay on board when everybody else gets off.


5. Eat on your own terms – While on a cruise you can feel pressured into booking a certain timeslot to dine in the main restaurants, and may be led to believe that you could lose out if you don’t book quickly. The problem here is that some people won’t want to eat at that time, and they may not be comfortable sharing a table with strangers. The reality is that, while on a cruise, it is virtually impossible to feel hungry as there are so many dining options to choose from. You can dine in the main restaurant, there are buffets, there are cafes, there are countless other restaurants, there are snacks, and there is even room service. The bottom line is that you can eat when and where you like on a cruise, so don’t feel pressured into booking a table in the main restaurant at a certain time if you don’t want.