Weight-loss Motivation - 5 Ways to Stay on Track


Dave Chandler

Losing weight, or rather, losing fat is an extremely stressful, time-consuming, and difficult process that is sadly much, harder than actually gaining the weight. It seems as if we can seemingly gain weight by simply looking at an unhealthy meal, yet when it comes to losing weight, we have to bust our butts and work ourselves incredibly hard, both in the gym, and in the kitchen when we diet. The main issue with fat loss is that it is all about consistency, so one slip-up can potentially set you back several days, which can then have an extremely detrimental effect on your mentally.


The key is to not only get yourself on the right track to weight loss, but to also keep yourself on the right track to help prevent any slip-ups or obstacles getting in your way. If you’re looking to shed some pounds and are struggling to stay on track, here are five simple ways to help stay on track to help you shed those unsightly pounds. Before you know it, you’ll be leaner and fitter than ever before, and will look and feel fantastic in the process. Take a look and see what you think.


Join a group class One of the most influential processes behind any weight loss program, is of course exercise, and if you exercise alone, that is where you are likely to encounter problems. You see, if you exercise alone, there will be days where you just don’t want to exercise, and if you’ve got nobody encouraging or disciplining you, there will be times when you decide to just call it quits. You’ll convince yourself that you’ll work extra-hard the next day, which of course, you don’t always do. By joining a group class however, you get to exercise with friends, you get to make friends, you have other people to help motivate you and offer you advice, and you are held accountable for your actions because if you decide to skip class and stay at home watching the TV, you’ll have the instructors and the members to answer to.


Exercise with a friend – Again, for many of the same reasons as joining a group exercise class, you may wish to exercise with a friend, or friends, and see how you get on. By training with a friend, again, you are accountable so if you skip a workout, you aren’t just letting yourself down, you’re also letting your friend down. On top of that, training with a friend will be fun, it will help you to motivate each other, and of course, there will also be a certain competitive element there as you will be competing against one another, whether you admit it or not.


Try tools such as the Running Belt Max – Nowadays, there are more fitness tools and gadgets than ever before, so getting fit just couldn’t be easier. The Running Belt Max for example, is a prime candidate for what we’re talking about. This belt isn’t just for running, as it’s actually an exercise belt, and it will fit a smart phone, it has three separate zip pockets to help keep your belongings and valuables safe when you exercise, and it is incredibly comfortable. Made from ultra-soft Lycra, the belt is extremely low profile; it looks stylish, and is a great place to secure your music while you exercise. You’ll never have to worry about your devices coming loose and wobbling around all over the place. You can buy the Running Belt Max running belt on Amazon by clicking this link


Cook healthy meals you enjoy – A key part of any fat loss program, is of course your diet, and when people see or hear the word ‘diet’ they generally think of bland and boring “rabbit foods” that aren’t enjoyable. In reality however, dieting is about so much more than steamed vegetables, salad leaves, and boiled fish, as there are countless healthy meals that you can cook and prepare, all of which can be loaded full of nutrients, and will taste amazing in the process. If you enjoy pizza for example, you can make a healthy pizza using a whole grain pita bread base, fresh tomato paste, herbs, fresh vegetables and lean meats or fish, all topped off with a small serving of a low fat cheese such as feta. If you enjoy the foods that you eat, dieting won’t actually feel like a chore at all, and that is exactly the path you want to be on.


Set yourself weekly goals and targets – By setting yourself weekly goals and targets, you have something to aim for each week which will help keep you on track. You don’t necessarily have to aim for a weight loss target each week; your target could be to simply run an extra mile more than you did last week, or to lift slightly more weight in the gym. If you do set weekly weight loss goals and targets, make sure they are realistic, for example, 2 pounds per week, and if you don’t hit them, despite being good and sticking to plan, don’t become disheartened, just move on, and try again for the following week. A Universal law: persistence always pays off and it will for you.